A Rather Perpendicular View


What I'm doing now

We moved to Berlin, Germany!

We're lucky to have found Labforward, The company is working on making scientist life in the laboratory a joy. I joined the Laboperator team, which are working on a plug & play solution to connect all your lab instruments in a single platform. This include automatic data collections and device automation (IOT).

I've always have some invested interest in science. While not a scientist myself, working on product which potentially could help them working more effectively and efficiently is a joy. Who knows, maybe one they, on of our clients will stumble into some amazing discovery or some life will be saved. Knowing that I'm involved in at least some part of that journey is exciting.

My side projects

During my sabbatical, I've started working on a project's dependencies analyzer tools, code name s12y -- Sustainability. So far, it works as a prove of concept, but there are still a lot of works need to be done to make it at least a minimum viable product. Once things quite down a little, I would love to continue working on it. So far, at the very least, the project has served as a good environment for me to learn Elixir/Phoenix and Elm.

Other than that, I'm still interested in learning some rust, especially in relation to WebAssembly via Parcel. I think, I'll try to write an emulator or two, with the catch that the same code base should be runable both as a terminal application and web application.

Should I write a book or two?

I randomly got some idea for books which could be interesting, should I write them?

  • What If: There's no Sport

    Unpopular opinion, but I'm not a big proponent of sports in general, World Cup, Olympics and such doesn't excite me. Which got me thinking, what if they never exists in the first place? How different would the world be?

  • The Origin of Things - What Were They Thinking?

    I'm sure that at one point or another, you've wondered things like: what were the first person who discover that cow milk are drinkable thinking?

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