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Learning Japanese With Tae Kim

I started seriously learning the Japanese Language on early 2013. I checked on numerous books, audio books, and websites; but unfortunately, most are targeted at "being able to start using certain phrases as soon as possible". They don't explain the logic behind the sentences, why are certain sentences structured in such a way? Is there any other way to say it?

Without understanding the logic, we wouldn't be able to structured our own sentences. Then I came across this site, and for a while, I was hooked, it certainly have some good content, but, it was too short. I was soon realized that it only focused on the polite form, and it doesn't explain most of the complex structure like conditional, comparison, striving, and it's missing a lot more.

So, I continue searching for a better guide, and I finally found it! Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese have exactly what I was looking for! The guide is aiming to provide the logic behind the language, you will understand how the language works! Nice!

When I found it, there's already an iOS App version of the guide, but there're none for the Android. Hey... I'm an Android developer myself, why don't I make it myself? So here, I present you with the Android App version of Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese! Check it out, rate it, leave a review. Don't hesitate to contact me in case you have problems and/or suggestions. :)

iOS Version - Android Version

The change log for the Android Version is here.

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