A Rather Perpendicular View


How (I Think) Our Brain Works

We all have our struggle in trying to live life to the fullest while enjoying the ride. Some people seems to show no worries, while others can't seem to iron out that wrinkle. As for me, I put happiness in life as my goal, hence I keep trying to figure out a way to increase my happiness level up a notch.

Although it is not something that is scientifically tested and proven (read through with a huge grain of salt), I believe there is a way for us to retrain our self, and our brain, and make it work to our advantage. Do you constantly worried about something? Keep loosing your key/wallet/phone/whatever? Can't seems to keep up with work? Well then maybe you need to realize that

Our Brain is a Limited Resource

It is widely suggested that our brain have unlimited power/possibility, some even said that we only used 10% of our brains, imagine what we could do if we learn to activate the unused 90% of it? Laughable.. Learn to accept that like time, our Brain have limited capacity, which can be increased, and it is our duty to teach it on how to organize it self.

Develop a Habit

Because it is a limited resource, we need to figure out how we should organize the information it contained, developing a good habit is one way for it. Do you have problem remembering where did you put your key last night? Well, why should you remember it? Don't waste your brain energy in it, instead, pick some spot on where everything should be put, always. What do you need when you're going out of the house? Keys? Wallets? Flash disk? Then, why not put them all next to each other on the shelve next to the door leading out. No need to think about what you should bring every time, and you can just go.

Your laptop/phone/tablet out of juice and you can't seems to remember where the charger is? Pick a spot next to the electric plug and put all chargers there, if you have multiple plugs placed all over the house, develop a habit of putting the charger back to its place next to the designated plugs after using it elsewhere.

Decide on What is Important to You and Brush of All Other Petty Stuff

Every time you put some information in your brain, some amount of memory space is used to keep it. Whenever there's some new information in, some old information will be put into archived, and our brain doesn't seems to know how to do this process well enough. Archived memory will get corrupted, and more effort will be needed in recalling, essentially rebuilding what's left of, it. In fact, memory is one of the most fragile, easily falsified, object there is.

Decide on what is important for you and train your brain to mark that this is the kind of stuff that is important. Try to free up your mind from those 20 years history of football scores, player transfers, whatever (unless of course, you want to be a commentator); and use the free up space to store what is really important for you, and you will be amazed in how much you'll progress.

This also means, that you should stop worrying about stuff that doesn't really matter, focus your brain energy into developing yourself, and chasing after what's important. Stop introducing troubles into your life, if you don't make enough money to eat what you want without worrying, then maybe you shouldn't buy that new phone that just out, that awesome 3d printer, or that fantastic sport bike.

Without those needless worries, your brain can work to its full capacity in what is really important. Understand your own situation, focus on being the best in what you're doing, then someday, for sure, you will be able to make enough money to buy whatever you want without worrying. Waste your resource in petty stuff, and see yourself running in the same place.

Do One Thing, and One Thing Alone

It is tempting to try to learn all kind of skills and nifty tricks, but understand that it is simply impossible for us to be the best in all of them. To keep learning about new stuff is good, and important, but you need to decide on what you really want to do in life, and strife to be the best at it. Brush of all other stuff into something that "you do on the side", and accept the fact that you will be average at best at them. We just don't have the time and brain capacity to master everything we want.


I believe in hard work and repetition. Talent and geniuses is highly overrated, no one born into life and instantly be good at something. Stop, look around, decide on what you want to do in life. Invest your time, and your brain into it, and see yourself becoming awesome. Don't forget to have fun while doing it.. So.. what is important, for you?

This is my personal blog/playground.